In the depths of a mysterious jungle, on the branches of leafy trees, hangs handfuls upon handfuls of $BANANAS, ripe and ready to be picked. A distant call of an ape sounds from the canopy, echoed by a chorus of apish chattering from others. The apes can think of only one thing: $BANANAS.

Some apes are just hungry; and they’ll make an honest living off collecting their own $BANANAS. These are the Hungry Apes. But some apes want more than that, and are willing to steal to get their hands on as many $BANANAS as possible. These are the Greedy Apes. The last group of apes is special - they don’t want to collect $BANANAS, but rather the flesh of Greedy Apes. These are the Mutant Apes.

Ape Game is an exciting new decentralised P2E NFT game, built on the Ethereum network. Players can take risks and stake their NFTs for rewards, and mint new NFTs with these rewards.

What makes Ape Game unique is players can choose the character they want to play – it is NOT dependent on the traits of their NFT.

This makes for the ultimate Game Theory – risk-based decisions where the result depends upon the choices of others.

How it works


Minting will be announced on our Twitter page

Token ID Cost
0-499 Free (excluding gas)
500 - 4999 0.029 ETH
5000 - 5999 100 $BANANAS
6000 - 7999 200 $BANANAS
8000 - 9999 400 $BANANAS
10000 - 11999 800 $BANANAS
12000 - 13999 1000 $BANANAS
14000 - 14999 1200 $BANANAS

Referral Commission

The referral link is designed to give back to active members of the Ape Game community.

How does it work?

The referral link gives you a commission of the mint price when others use your referral link to mint. When another wallet uses your referral link to mint a new Ape, your wallet will receive 10% of the total cost of mint (excluding gas). This process is automatic and instant; it is included in the minting contract. You can share this with as many people as you please, as there is no limit to the number of people that use your link.

How do I find my referral link?

Your referral link is tied to your wallet. It will be available on homepage


Ape Gamers stake their NFTs by sending them to the Jungle, receiving the $BANANAS token as a reward. Staking, unstaking, and collecting $BANANAS involve various risks, outlined below.

Which Ape can i be?

You can choose to be any one of the three apes: Hungry Ape, Greedy Ape or Mutant Ape. Each of these characters are unique. Which one you pick is NOT dependent upon your NFT traits.

Players can stake and unstake as they please without any requirements.

Players can also freely choose to play a different ape to one they’ve previously played – you are not locked into being the first one you choose.

Game Theory

Your rewards as an Ape depend on which type of Ape other players choose.

Take the example of if there are 3 Hungry Apes staked, and 5 Greedy Apes staked.

One particular Hungry Ape claims 100 $BANANAS. They only collect 50 $BANANAS since they must pay a 50% tax to the Greedy Apes, that is, 50 $BANANAS total. These 50 $BANANAS total are shared among the currently staked Greedy Apes – ie each Greedy Ape gets 10 $BANANAS each.

Similarly the chances for any particular Mutant Ape to steal a Greedy Ape will be dependent upon how many Mutant Apes are staked.

Hungry Ape

Hungry Apes make an honest living collecting $BANANAS for themselves, however suffer at the hands of the devious Greedy Apes.

Action Outcome Tax
Stake Receive 100 $BANANAS per day None
Claim Claim collected $BANANAS Guaranteed 50% of collected $BANANAS stolen by Greedy Apes
Unstake Unstake and collect $BANANAS Guaranteed 50% of collected $BANANAS stolen by Greedy Apes

Greedy Ape

Greedy Apes just cannot quite get enough $BANANAS! They will take as much as they can from the hard working Hungry Apes. However, they need to be careful in their movements, as they can be stolen by the Mutant Apes.

Action Outcome Tax
Stake Steals 50% of Hungry Ape's claimed/unstaked $BANANAS None
Claim Claims a Greedy Ape's stolen $BANANAS. 5% chance that the NFT itself is stolen by a Mutant Ape
Unstake Unstake a Greedy Ape and claim their stolen $BANANAS 5% chance that the NFT itself is stolen by a Mutant Ape

Mutant Ape

Mutant Apes are an odd bunch. They don’t want $BANANAS, but instead, the flesh of the Greedy Apes. When staked, there is a chance they will steal a Greedy Ape (yes, the actual NFT itself).

Action Outcome Tax
Stake Provides the chance to steal a Greedy Ape None
Unstake Unstake Mutant Ape None


Ape Game has the community’s interests in mind. Join the discord to discuss and share your thoughts with others! Popular ideas will be presented to the devs and rest of the team, to be considered for later phases in Ape Game.